Leaves blow in the wind
Some gently fall on the grass
But when I fall it hurts

Children run and play
Falling, rolling, laughing, fun
But when I fall it hurts

I fell again
And once again I locked the door
She never knew me

Walking down the street at 2am I’ve run away again
You’d think I’d learn. The circle never ends
They want inside but I don’t let them in
There’s just too much to hide
I keep my lonely pride - in here

It wasn’t what I said this time, but I don’t think I’ll ever find
The girl to tell just how I feel
The girl to show my love is real
I’ll never find my bride
If I keep my lonely pride - in here

Right up here inside my mind an empty table for two tonight
Too many sorries never said
Not enough “I love you’s” instead
Right up here inside with my lonely pride

Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Someone who wants to know you
Sorry, Nobody’s home